Phi Slama Jama Shirt

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Mr president keep up the awesome job mr president lets flip nh to red in nov trump be safe and may your trip be blessed mr president I would be at every one of them cheering you on if I could I can only support you with my platform which if facebookplease post the rally I would love to see it patiently waiting for you to come to colorado springshey donald now obama has added an Phi Slama Jama Shirt oscar to his long list of accomplishmentshe. Repeatedly I want full slamdunk prosecutions and I want them to pay back the costs waiting for those responsible to pay the price none have at this time investigationmeans nothing unless the wrong doers pay a price they will also continue without conciqunises expunge the impeachment record. M glad that the impeachment happenedit truly shows how corrupt the democratic party is now that america sees whats going on and how our tax dollars are being wasted republicans will cast their ballots in november and this great nation will have another years of becoming greater keep doing what you are doing president

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