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I worry for you because you are shaking up so much stuff usa strong the people that hate trump why dont they move to a Lgbtq+ Premium Gay Shirt country that they will like better here we go again with fake news anything positive for once why dont you act like a real president already stop giving interviews with fake news they never report what you say give them nothing will be watching on uninterrupted right side broadcasting nobody caresyoure only around for a few more months anywaywhy dont you try skiing its ok. I wish others would open their eyes to the truth greetings from germanywish we have a president like you in this country. See more americans this is killing our children and many americans and buttigieg support this evil vote for president trump save our children andour communities found this on a postsee more amen as a senior citizen you have made my retirement a blessing being I was forced into early retirement due to obama administration

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